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“With 40+ years of combined experience in the Scotty Cameron collecting World, we have a customer focused model unlike any other.”

It all started with a putter and a desktop.

Our passion for Scotty Cameron putters has evolved in to a business neither of us could have ever envisioned. With a Global client base and a focus of making every transaction a success, we pride ourselves on customer service.


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Est. 2007

Our Story

Before multi-material head designs, the creation of the Custom Shop, and even the Circle T stamp itself, we set out on a journey to learn as much about the Scotty Cameron brand as any enthusiasts could. We’d like to think that if a putter was created, we’ve seen it. But the truth is we continue to learn more and more with every customer we have the pleasure of being in contact with. This is what makes the Scotty Cameron community such a close-knit family.

What started off as a passion for Limited Edition putters and headcovers has now grown in to a business focused primarily on Tour Issue product. However, the nostalgia will always be there of handling the first My Girl and Holiday releases, along with rare production putters like the Sole Stamped Tei3 or Oval Track Newport Oil Can. So whether you love collecting the newest one-of-a-kind Circle T putter or seeking out the rare 20+ year old gem, we’ve always enjoyed helping in the chase.

ClassicCamerons.com was our first effort at bringing this passion to life in 2007. With our transition to TourPutterGallery.com in 2015 we buttoned up our platform in to a more seamless design. Regardless of the name and branding, we promise to offer the best user experience and highest form of customer service you will find anywhere in the World of Scotty Cameron collecting.

At TourPutterGallery.com we pride ourselves on fast contact response time, transparency, quick deliveries, and most importantly a product you can be proud to show off to all of your friends and family. With our 100% Authenticity Guarantee on everything we sell you can rest assured that what you receive is nothing less than pure Scotty Cameron.

The Brand

Scotty Cameron on Tour

Scotty Cameron putters have been the standard of performance on Tour since the 90’s, and continue to be the putter of choice for the best players in the World nearly three decades later. Many iconic and memorable Major Championships have been won thanks to the precision and performance of a Scotty Cameron putter.


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